Heart & Soul K9

Our overnight guests can almost be heard counting squirrels in their sleep. At HEART & SOUL K9 we offer fully supervised, 24-hour doggy sleepovers. 

Whether you're on the road, working way too late, going to visit the allergic in-laws, having a construction crew at your house or heading out of town for the weekend or better yet, for a few weeks, bring your dog to
​ HEART & SOUL K9 for their boarding stay.

​We're here to take good care of your fur baby!

Some dogs visit us every day, others just a few times a month. Every dog is unique and we're happy to talk to you about the best play schedule to fit you dog's needs, as well as your busy schedule, budget and life-style.

We evaluate all dogs prior to attending dog daycare or boarding to ensure the safety and comfort of all guests.

Call us and we'll walk you though our “New Client” evaluation process.